Carma East Dim Sum Bar | East Village Chinese Tapas and Cocktails
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A young sister of West Village’s Carma Asian Tapas, Carma East is introducing New York to a truly fresh idea of dim sum, where Chinese cuisine will be equated with nothing but fun.

Imagine getting drunk with world-class dim sum at a bar that’s casual, upbeat, artsy, and filled with character – Carma East not just reinvents dim sum dishes with an impressive variety of new taste and look, but redefines the very idea of dim sum to modern, creative asian tapas.

Carma East Taiwanese Crispy Chicken


A perfect combination of authentic taste and a contemporary flare, Carma East not just stimulates your taste buds with a artful menu created by the Executive Chef of Taiwan’s renowned Din Tai Fung with highest-quality, organic ingredients, but visually engages you with a popping aesthetic that represents the late night bar-hopping East Village crowd.

From “Tapas to Get Drunk with” to “Comfort Food to Go with Other Comfort Food,” Carma East is determined to overturn every traditional conception of Chinese cuisine.